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A BREATH - The bride's intimate moments before the wedding ceremony

he hustle and bustle is palpable at almost every wedding, which makes the quiet and intimate moments that the bride experiences during her preparation and just before the ceremony all the more important. Sabine is one of the best storytellers to capture these moments photographically.

SABINE, la fotógrafa Pelirroja Lanzarote, Wedding Photography - More than 15 years of international experience in wedding photography. More than 350 weddings on Lanzarote prove the trust the bride and groom place in the services and results of the redhead photographer ('la fotógrafa Pelirroja'). Sabine's photo shoots show the extraordinary mixture of many years of experience, high competence and sensitive empathy for the situation of the bride and groom. Extraordinary is her standard, ... btw of course she is able to speak English :-)

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