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Sabine, la Fotografa Pelirroja, has established two very popular trends in Lanzarote that now exist worldwide in wedding photography. The first is the 'after wedding' session and the second is the extraordinary photos that can be taken during a special 'trash the dress' session.

Why does investing in a 'after wedding' session make sense ?

On the wedding day, the schedule is very tight for most brides and grooms. How many important appointments, such as the ceremony, the joint cocktail and the waiting wedding guests hardly leave time for a comprehensive and above all relaxed session of wedding photos. Yet these photos should be a lifelong reminder of the most important day in your life. Besides, it would be sad if you had to forego the most beautiful setting because of time constraints, just because it is too far away from the actual location where the celebration will take place.

That's why a second separate meeting with a 'after wedding session' really makes sense. Please talk to me about the possibilities !

What does 'Trash the Dress' or in Spanish 'destroy the dress' mean ?

Trash the Dress actually originated in the USA and came to Lanzarote via the UK a few years ago.

Here, no consideration is given to the wedding dress during the session of photos. This makes unique photos possible, for example in the water or even under water. These photos stand out from the usual photos of a wedding.

On Lanzarote, these Post Boda sessions are especially suitable on the beautiful beaches. If you would like to see some suggestions or sample pictures, please let me know.

Sabine La fotógrafa pelirroja, the extraordinary is my standard.

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